Sunday 23 August 202011th Sunday after Trinity

Please join us for church this Sunday, either in person or on line.

9.15am Eucharist at St Thomas and live on their Facebook page (

10.45am Eucharist at St James and live on their Facebook page (


9am Morning Prayer on St Thomas’ Facebook page

5pm Evening Prayer on St James’ Facebook page


1.15pm Funeral service at St Thomas’ for Liz Hickson RIP


2.30pm The Bible Course Part 2 No.2 on Zoom. Paul’s Letter to the Thessalonians

We are very pleased that Rossendale is no longer subject to local restrictions but please remember that face coverings in church are still mandatory (unless you are exempt) and we continue with social distancing and use of hand sanitizer. We hope that church is a safe place to be and want to keep it that way. Your support and cooperation to enable this is very much appreciated.

Here are the Service details to join in with the worship

Sunday 23 August 2020 Eucharist WEB