Our Services


08.00 am : A quite, short Eucharist – 1st and 3rd Sundays
10.45 am : Sung Eucharist – always a friendly welcome and someone to sit with if you wish. Coffee is served afterwards.

10.00 am : A quiet, said Eucharist

Last Friday of the month
18.30 pm : With families and children in mind….lasts 30  minutes; refreshments included…very informal…ask about it.
Please contact: Marjorie Charnley (01254) 233608 and Kay Heathcote (01706) 217055.


Baptism can be given to any child or adult resident in the parish. The first step is to make an enquiry via our online form, email or phone.

Godparents need to be over 18 and Baptised.

There is a time of preparation for the  Baptism and we hope that parents will bring their children to Friday Church before and after the Baptism to help them to grasp something of the Christian Faith into which they have been Baptised.


Confirmation is available to those who have been Baptised; it is a way of re-affirming ones faith and preparing to become a member of the church who can receive Communion..i.e the Bread and Wine at the Altar.

Requests for confirmation should be made in the first instance via our online form, email or phone.


You can be married at St James if you have a link with the parish  ie you might have been baptized here..or your parents may have been married here.

We will consider  marriage for  all those who ask and we would encourage you to contact us to discuss the possibility of a wedding.


We do many funerals both in church and at the crematorium. They are arranged via the local funeral director and we do our best to serve those who have lost someone they love.

Services can contain a eulogy, reading and specific music and we meet with the families who have been bereaved in order to plan a funeral that is suitable and gives a dignified end to life’s pilgrimage.