Sunday 24 May 2020
7th Sunday of Easter
Sunday after Ascension
Fr David’s reflection
So much can change in such a short time. We all know that now to be something of a grim reality. This is the 9th Sunday of no-church-in-church for all but some clergy. My car boot now has a scrubs bag in, with masks, gloves and apron. It travels with me, as important as the spare wheel, satnav and church keys. You never know when it might be needed.
That’s all fairly gloomy and I don’t like gloom. There’s no point, though, pretending that what’s going on is not going on. But that’s by no means all there is.
Last Thursday the Church celebrated Ascension Day. After 40 days of Easter, Jesus appears a further time to the disciples, gives more teaching, more instruction, a blessing, and then he departs. Jesus returns to God after a relatively short time on earth. We reckon that Jesus was about 33 years old when he was crucified and that his ministry had been for just 3 years. Think back 3 years and work out what you were doing. I was looking for a job and wondering what God had planned for me next.
So much can change in such a short time.
In a short time the world, and we, can be changed. I don’t mean, in that, anything to do with Covid-19, but with Jesus. 3 short years of public ministry and the world is changed for ever. 3 short years and we are here, 2000 years later still debating, discussing, doubting and believing all that one man is recorded as having said and done.
In the relatively short time of lockdown many things have changed. In this short space we have each done things we may well never have imagined doing. I know that for some, God has been especially close. I know that for a few God has been prodding and prompting, urging and inspiring. The effect of God incarnate, Jesus Christ on earth, had a profound and world-changing effect. God working in our lives will also have a life-changing, maybe even world-changing, certainly Church-changing effect.
For some it will be have felt like a lone time. God will have felt distant, even disconnected. It’s sometimes hard to find God when we let other things cloud our minds and our hearts.
The time between Ascension and Pentecost is a special time of prayer and devotion for Christians. In this time, as we wait the gift of the Holy Spirit, we pray thy kingdom come. We are asked to pray, too, for 5 people in our lives whom we desire to come to know Jesus better. 5 people we would really love to see flourish in the faith of Christ. Please pray earnestly for your 5 people every day until next Sunday, Pentecost, and even after! I’ve been praying for my 5 people from last Thursday.
I realised, too, that someone may be praying for me, and for you, for a deeper and more passionate faith. Thy kingdom come is only 9 days but, you know, so much can change in a short time.
Keep the faith. Keep praying. Let it happen.