Church Groups

Mothers’ Union

The Mothers Union meets on alternate Thursdays.

Contact: Vivien Pinkerton (01706) 214569

Men’s Forum

The Men’s Forum is an informal group which meets on alternate Wednesdays.They have visiting speakers on a variety of subjects ..not necessarily religious!…talks have been given on Sailing….Railways and even Funeral Directing!..

Contact: Arnold Wade (01706) 220496  

Tuesday Lunch Club

The Tuesday Lunch Club known as ‘Eat and Meet’ is held on alternate Tuesdays; people from the community not necessarily church people come together for a 3 course lunch which costs a minimum of 3.50. There is a lot of laughter and good company…

Contact: Keith Entwistle (01706) 211165


We have recently started using puppets in worship and during events. They are especially popular with young people…the puppets are operated by a friendly and welcoming group of children and adults if you would like to help please

Contact: The Revd Judith Balkwell (01706) 223652

Friends of St James’

The Friends of St James was formed to help to maintain the building generally and improve its facilities where necessary. It is a Registered Charity and holds various events examples of which ares…Salmon and Summer Pudding lunch of St James Day…Tea at the Vicarage…30s Evening… Film and Shepherds Pie Evenings offering everyone fellowship whilst helping to keep things going..

Contact: Kaye Ridings (01706) 216398